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Using AR and NFTs to give the Metaverse meaning

From cave paintings to grandiose, decadent structures built to honor and remember leaders and battles from the past, all of human history has been built on leaving proof that says ‘we were here.’ The promise of web3 is to help us have an unmuttable means to share value with one another. Unlike the heroes from history, the average human has the ability to leave a piece of themselves behind to be discovered using AR and NFTs to give the metaverse meaning. Imagine walking into a bar or restaurant and having the ability to leave a secret message for your friend. Web3 is in its infant stages of allowing us to do just that by connecting the blockchain to AR and your crypto wallet.

As it stands with the general public, the metaverse and NFTs are overhyped jpegs of monkeys and kittens. Enter NFTs and the whole web3 hype! While participating in a VC accelerator through Draper University, my team and I were tasked with the project of connecting the web3, NFT hype with an everyday user experience. We set out to design a geo-enabled AR app that connects your real-life experience to your Metamask wallet and enables the end user to leave proof of their existence in reality.

Watch the video to watch our project pitch!

DrapperU Project Presentation [VIDEO]