Marketing Packages for fast implementation and growth!

Thanks to technology like AI and automation, small to mid-sized businesses like yours are now able to have marketing that competes with ‘the big guys,’ — but only if they know how to properly set it up.

That’s where KHightower marketing comes in! We partner with you and your team to build pipelines that book your calendar, accelerate customer acquisition and foster long-term relationships with a scaleable marketing strategy.


Our Process

Step 1: Clients sign up for the KHightower monthly or annual plan, fill out the onboarding survey and schedule their white-glove onboarding calls.

Step 2: Get access to the tutorial videos, the  Growth Marketer is assigned to your

Step 3: We work closely with your sales team to ensure a seamless transition from prospect to loyal customer. Our goal is to not just acquire customers but to turn them into evangelists for your brand.

Step 4: Our team is led by experts with over a decade of experience in B2B enterprise software growth marketing. We’re passionate about building high-performance teams that drive results.

Comprehensive Management: We manage everything from media spend to campaign optimization in a competitive landscape. Our focus is on achieving your acquisition targets efficiently, backed by a robust marketing budget.

Continuous Optimization: Our commitment to rapid iteration and optimization ensures your marketing tactics stay ahead of the curve. We’re all about achieving better results, faster.

Technology-Driven: With tools like HubSpot, Google Analytics, and AdWords at our disposal, we’re equipped to enhance your marketing technology stack. Our expertise spans across SEO, SEM, and paid digital channels to maximize your online presence.

Results-Focused: At the heart of our strategy is a relentless pursuit of results. We’re driven by a passion for achieving your goals, with a commitment to detailed analysis and actionable insights.

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Setup & Launch

One-time Setup

Setup & Launch

$3,199 setup

Then $4,399 Monthly



Then $4,999 Monthly


Looking for a custom option?


book a call with us to build a custom package for you! 


We’ll send you a ‘get started’ onboarding survey to start with a meeting to go over your needs and to ensure you require everything that is within the selected package. Our team will give suggestions too! We will then begin gathering all the information required for each section (see the relevant individual services below for details).

The setup fee will be charged first with the monthly fee following after setup is complete and approved!

It’s just a rolling 30 day contract with a 30 day notice period. We keep it simple here!


This is the true beauty of our system and this marketplace, your potential growth is endless. You might want more VA’s to run more laser targeted appointment setting or more KHightower accounts to target multiple niches.

Maybe you would like more funnel pages and lead magnets that are focused on different niche targets?

This is all possible with our team and services. Simply add additional services to create a truly awe inspiring super funnel! 

We can also provide other PPC management solutions including YouTube, Linkedin and TikTok!

We even have some new services in SEO and influencer marketing coming your way!

If you choose a package with Facebook or Google PPC management you will need to budget for your Ad spend too.

The rule of thumb is that at least $500/month is needed to get a realistic idea of whether or not a PPC campaign will be ROI-positive, so we recommend starting with $1000/month to start. After the campaign has been live for a month, we’ll make budget recommendations based on the cost-per-conversions. Above prices are based on our Basic Management (up to $2000 per month ad spend)

YES and even better the KHightower ads team has run thousands of campaigns across most industries including SaaS, B2B, course, finance, home services, medical, real estate, insurance, beauty, and countless others. Reach out to our sales team to discuss specific industries.

Yes, it is included in the PPC management campaign options and launched after there has been enough traffic to the site. It is not included in the campaign only build (basic package above), but please enquire about this and we can provide a custom quote.


Yes we will ensure PPC conversion tracking is fully setup